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Behind-the-Scenes ‘Jason Bourne’ Footage Shows Car Chase on the Vegas Strip [VIDEO]

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Dodge Charger in Jason Bourne car chase footage shot on Las Vegas strip

Spoiler Alert: the upcoming Jason Bourne movie is going to have a car chase in it.

That probably won’t come as a surprise to fans of the Bourne franchise, which releases its fifth installment, the aptly-titled Jason Bourne, next Friday, July 29, 2016. But if any moviegoers were worried the latest sequel wouldn’t have and good car-on-car violence, this awesome on-set camera footage (below) should assuage their fears.

The first couple of minutes just shows some B-roll footage involving director Paul Greengrass and stars Matt Damon, Vincent Cassel, and Tommy Lee Jones.

But around the two-minute mark, things start to heat up, as we see a Bearcat SWAT truck and a Dodge Charger wreaking havoc on the busy streets of Las Vegas (and, at one point, inside a casino).

Check it out:

This is Matt Damon’s fourth time in 14 years playing CIA assassin Jason Bourne, having portrayed the role in 2002’s The Bourne Identity, 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy, and 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum. Damon sat out the 2012 spin-off The Bourne Legacy, which starred Jeremy Renner.

All five films have been praised for their chase scenes, but producer Frank Marshall has said that he thinks this one might just be the best.

“We are staging what I think is the best Bourne chase ever,” Marshall recently told a crowd of fans at CinemaCon, “so we have that to look forward to.”

Something to look forward to, indeed. You can see more action by checking out the movie’s official trailer, as well.

Via: Jalopnik, Variety