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BMW ActiveE Field Trial: Nearly $1M Saved, 1.5 Tons Fewer Emissions

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BMW i8 ActiveE field trial

BMW i8

Since the January 2012 launch of its ActiveE field trial, BMW has logged some impressive figures.  Information pulled from ActiveE vehicles piloted by “Electronauts” (lessees participating in the trials) paints a picture of a greener driving experience that bodes well for the future of BMW’s all-electric i3 and its plug-in hybrid i8.

Through October 15, BMW ActiveE field trial vehicles have driven a total of 8,018,377 miles at an average of 36 miles per day at an average speed of 24 miles per hour.  ActiveE cars average a 43% charge remaining at the end of a day’s driving with around 1.76 charges per day at an average charge time of just over an hour.  The most miles driven in one day in an ActiveE?  414.9 miles.

ActiveE drivers have saved a cumulative total of $915k that would otherwise be spent on fuel (minus the cost of charging) in that time.  That’s enough money to pay for 1,410 smart phones, 663,562 cups of coffee, 176 diamond rings, and 0 yetis (as they are not necessarily real and wholly unavailable for purchase).  The cost per hundred miles for an electric vehicle versus that of a gas-powered car is $4.85 to $16.27.

That’s 364,000 gallons of gas not used and 26,034 trips to the pump skipped.  That means 1,458 metric tons of CO2 not emitted over less than two years.  To give you an idea, that much COweighs as much as 60,922 bags of garbage and as much smoke as 214,252 hours of BBQ-ing (though that might produce some mighty fine brisket).

All of these figures add up to cold hard evidence that electric vehicle driving is good for both your check book and the environment.  While the ActiveE field trial draws to a close (vehicles can no longer be leased through the program), other zero-emissions vehicles are available for lease or purchase today.

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