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BMW Celebrates the Big 100

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BMW 100 Birthday

For any company, it’s a big deal when it hits its first centenary. Achieving 100 years means that a company has been able to navigate several financial storms and changes in society, and still keep up with a century’s worth of technological advancement. BMW is proud to join the club of automakers that have reached this achievement, and it’s celebrating in style.


The BMW Group branded its 100th birthday party as the Centenary Event in Munich earlier this month. It was estimated that about 2,000 people were in attendance, and included representatives from across the auto industry, as well as politicians, the media, and athletes that have been sponsored by BMW. While there were plenty of speeches by company officials, the event itself reminded us more of an Opening Ceremony for the Olympics than anything an automaker would put together. There were dancers, singers, and acrobats, working together with complex lighting effects and a loud soundtrack of modern music.

Check out some of the event highlights below and see what we mean.


To kick off the event, BMW CEO Harald Krüger and several guests pressed a lit sphere to start the highly-choreographed event. There were parts of the performance to represent every member brand of the BMW Group. For the MINI brand, several vintage MINI Coopers zoomed around the stage in choreographed formations. Rolls-Royce had several classic models drive onstage, and a dancer held the pose of the iconic hood ornament. Even BMW Motorrad was involved in the presentation, taking to the stage in a sequence that reminded us of Tron.

Finally, at the end of the presentation, the BMW Vision Vehicle took the stage to represent what BMW sees as the future of automotive engineering. We’ll see how much of it comes to reality.