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BMW Engine Planned for Bristol’s “Project Pinnacle” Sports Car

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BMW Engine Planned for Bristol Project Pinnacle

London-based luxury car manufacturer Bristol Cars may have been out of commission since 2011, but news has developed concerning the brand’s comeback model in the works. Project Pinnacle–the code name for the automaker’s return to vehicular glory–will supposedly feature a BMW-sourced powertrain.

The special new model–the first original Bristol in a decade–is being developed for the company’s 70th anniversary this year.


The news is unsurprising considering Bristol vehicles has had a lot in common with BMW models over the years, clearly drawing inspiration from each other.

We’re all wondering which engine Bristol has in mind for its “sublime British sports car,” since that will say a lot about where the company is headed in the coming years, but Bristol has kept its lips sealed. Many are hoping it will be a V8 from the M5/M6, but we’re still not sure what Bristol exactly means by the new model being “engineered to excite and satisfy as a high performance Bristol car.”

The cost of modern British performance is high though–early estimates put the new car around $1.8 million.


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