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Nothing Says Merry Christmas like a BMW Holiday Gift

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The holidays are approaching faster than a one-horse open sleigh, and before you know it, you’ll be out of shopping time. Never fear, however, because BMW is here to save the day for any of you shopping for Bimmer-holics who just can’t get enough of the Ultimate Driving Machine. While buying a brand new BMW for your Uncle Ted may not be quite within your holiday price range, you might think about getting him a BMW holiday gift, available now at selected BMW centers and, of course, the BMW online shop.

BMW Holiday Gift

A BMW holiday gift could be the perfect present for the auto-enthusiast in your family, including this BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport for the kids.

So what can you get for Uncle Ted and other luxury car enthusiasts this year? BMW has a few suggestions:

The BMW i-Collection

If anyone you know has made the leap to all-electric with the brand new BMW i3 and BMW i8, you might consider helping them accessorize. For just $49, you can snatch a BMW i Solar Charger, or if you’re on just a slightly tighter budget, you can get the energy-saving BMW i8 Computer Mouse ($44). And if you’re feeling particularly generous, think about pairing the mouse with the BMW i Laptop Pouch, available for $49.

A BMW Watch

Do you know what time it is (No, it’s not Tool Time. Go away, Tim Allen)? BMW’s luxurious timepieces make great holiday presents and vary in price from “Somewhat affordable” ($195) to “Eh, Johnny wasn’t ever going to get into college anyway” ($295) to “I guess we can take out a second mortgage on the house, dear” ($4,399). But at least you’ll always know what time it is (No, seriously, Tim. Go away).

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An Item from the BMW Team USA Collection

A great BMW holiday gift option is one from the collection commemorating BMW’s partnership with the U.S. Olympic Committee and Team USA. And the best part is, a portion of all proceeds will support the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Gifts include the Team USA Bobsled Ornament, a BMW Team USA T-Shirt, and a Unisex Team USA Sweatshirt.

Something for the Kids

Uncle Ted might not be the only Bimmer fan. If you have a car-crazed kid, chances are he or she has dreamt of climbing inside a BMW once or twice. Make that dream come true with the BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport ($115), which features noise-cancelling rubber tires, a speedometer, a sport steering wheel, a front spoiler, and a rev counter. This baby is good for kids between one and a half and three. The BMW Kidsbike ($355) is an even more adventurous option for kids before they learn to ride real bikes.

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Other BMW holiday gift options to consider for all ages include the BMW Messenger Bag, the Unisex Scarf and Hat, the BMW Key Case, and the BMW Style Sunglasses, among others. For a complete list of holiday options, check out the BMW gift idea page.

Happy shopping!