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BMW Launches Interactive M2 Campaign Featuring Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid BMW M2

Gigi Hadid, supermodel extraordinaire, is one of the hottest names in entertainment right now. She’s appeared in music videos, Sports Illustrated‘s famed swimsuit issue, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. When BMW was looking for someone to help it sell the upcoming BMW M2, it wanted the best, and signed the model up for a new interactive campaign.

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Called “Eyes on Gigi”, the ad was created by James Bond director Marc Forster. The model, dressed in a seductive red dress, stalks across a [road] runway to get into one of five identical BMW M2 coupés in the vibrant blue paint color that seems to be the default color choice. From there, the commercial turns into an elaborate game of “Find the Lady” where the BMW M2s race down the runway and dance around each other. Only the most focused watchers will be able to keep track of the vehicle Hadid got into and not be distracted by the cars. At the end of the commercial, the powerful vehicles park behind numbers, and viewers are challenged to say which car the model is sitting in. The commercial is one continuous shot, which was directed by Mauro Fiore.

Viewers who are confident in their guess can visit the special Eyes on Gigi microsite to click the car that they choose. If they are correct, Hadid steps out of the car and smiles. If the wrong car is chosen, suited and helmeted BMW drivers tell you in various ways, from a simple headshake to a sad song playing over the BMW M2’s sound system. When the ad is played online (where Hadid has the most influence, thanks to social media), BMW says that a correct choice will also take viewers to their country’s digital BMW M2 Coupé showroom.

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I have bad news, though, for anyone who is just now falling in love with the BMW M2. It’s selling extremely well, and while BMW won’t release precise figures right now, delivery dates for the car have already been pushed well into 2017, and it is estimated that its first model year might be as good as sold out. It still wouldn’t hurt to talk to a BMW dealership to learn how many pennies you had better start saving.