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BMW M4 Trailer Blows Us All Away

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BMW M4 Trailer

A trailer of sorts has been released for the BMW M4, and it’s pretty fantastic. While much of the BMW fan base is buzzing about the BMW M2, the M4 has been biding its time for its turn. It’s tired of waiting, so it is roaring onto our screens to force us to take notice of it.

When the trailer opens, we see a swinging hanger in a closet full of racing suits, and a race car driver getting ready to slide behind the wheel. The BMW M4, painted a shocking yellow shade, waits in an enclosed plastic room, reminiscent of a paint room in a plant (or a murder set from Dexter). As the driver slides behind the seat and turns on the engine, we hear the engine growl as it takes off and heads for the track.

The track looks very futuristic, and the car takes the corners very beautifully. Once it’s clear that the BMW M4 can handle the track, controllers in a booth initiate moving obstacles to really put the nimble car to the test. At the end of the video, we pull back to see the driver in the same situation as the first shots, anticipating his drive in the car. We’ll never know how much of it was his memory and how much of it was his vivid imagination.

Italian director Alessandro Pacciani, who is known for his work with advertising, is no stranger to working with BMW, as he produced a video for the BMW 3 Series about two years ago. He has also made videos for Subaru, Lamborghini, and Nissan. Take a look at the trailer below and try to walk, not run, to a BMW dealership.

BMW M4 – Factory Trailer from Alessandro Paccianiâ„¢ on Vimeo.