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BMW M6 Horse Edition Goes for $458,000 in China

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BMW M6 Horse Edition


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, BMW has decided to offer a nice gift to those interested in commemorating the Lunar Year of the Horse—for the price tag of $458,000. Limited edition Lunar Year of the Horse M-model sedans target China’s luxury customers, arriving on the Chinese market this year.

Along with the M-models that cost a pretty penny, the Bavarian carmaker will also offer 3- and 7-series as well, along with a brand new model that has yet to be detailed.

In an effort to appeal to those customers who don’t want to be too flashy, the BMW M6 Horse Edition will have a reserved opulence that the Chinese market will appreciate. The six limited edition units of the M6 will feature a monogram for the Chinese character for “horse” on the headrests, while playing up BMW’s Chinese name, which stands for “precious horse.”

BMW will also be offering 30 incarnations of a Year of the Horse-inspired M5, each priced at 1.98 million yuan (about $326,684).

Clyde Zhu, BMW China’s VP of Marketing, is quoted by Bloomberg as saying: “The big role is really to gain brand enhancement for both BMW and M.” We certainly hope that a near half-million-dollar BMW will do the trick to that end.

What do you think of the BMW M6 Horse Edition? Is it worth anything near its asking price? Share your thoughts below!