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BMW Magazine Now Accessible Online and Worldwide

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BMW Magazine available worldwide

It might be difficult for some of us to admit, but deep down we all love BMW. Even if the vehicles don’t appeal to us, the glamour and the lifestyle associated with the brand can’t be ignored. You know you’ve caught yourself staring at a BMW as it passes like a blur on the highway and thought, “I wish I could get a taste of that life.”

Now, you don’t have to be a BMW customer or even a devoted enthusiast to take a peek into the world of BMW!

The one and only BMW Magazine is now available digitally for worldwide access and enjoyment.


BMW Magazine Is Ready to Reach New Customers

Based out of Munich, this international publication is known for a combination of visually-rich designs and a spectrum of sophisticated content spots. Want to know “12 recommended accessories for a spin in the convertible”? It’s got that. BMW Magazine has that. Want to read about Indian actor Aamir Khan in his new action-packed blockbuster, Dhoom:3? You can find that too.

True, most of the articles arBMW Magazine available worldwide 3e clearly advertisements for everything BMW, but you’re sure to find something in sea of topics from design trends to travel destinations that actually interests you.

BMW Magazine originally started circulation in 1989 and has been printed in March and September every year since. Until now, you could find the 100-page lifestyle magazine in 24 languages and 100 countries worldwide.

The move to digital publication is a step forward for the brand and its global influence. “Furthermore,” says BMW, “exclusive videos provide a visual complement to the editorial content and bring it to life. The focus is on stories about people who change our lives through their visionary ideas.”

The app can be downloaded on your tablet and smartphone (Android and iOS) or used on any platform via web browser. And, being an international publication, the content is available in English, German, Spanish, and French, with some readers being able to access country-specific content.

Become one of the three million readers of BMW Magazine today and sign up via these links:

BMW Magazine available worldwide 2