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BMW May 2019 Sales Reflect Industry Trends

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While BMW's sedans lost sales last month, its Sport Activity Vehicles managed to achieve sales success

The X3 continues to be the best-selling BMW vehicle
Photo: BMW

If you are looking for a perfect reflection of current automotive trends, look no further than BMW’s May sales. While sales for BMW’s passenger cars were down 20.5 percent, sales for its light trucks were up 41.2 percent.

Altogether, that results in a sales increase of 1.7 percent for BMW last month.

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By the end of May, BMW had delivered 13,566 passenger cars. During May or the prior year, that number was much higher at 17,074 passenger cars.

There are still some high-performing sedans in BMW’s lineup, though. BMW sold 4,300 units of its BMW 3 Series Sedan last month.

“We owe much of our continued growth in 2019 to the new 3 Series sedan and our fleet of U.S.-built Sports Activity Vehicles,” explained Bernhard Kuhnt, president and CEO, BMW of North America. “I’ve said it before, but as a result of our ongoing product offensive, we have the right product that our customers are looking for right now.”

June BMW sales
Despite falling sales for BMW’s other sedans, the 3 Series continues to be a success
Photo: BMW

Still, the bulk of BMW’s sales came from its Sports Activity Vehicles. BMW sold 13,543 of these vehicles last month, a large increase compared to the 9,588 SAVs it sold in May of last year.

The best-selling of these vehicles, and BMW’s best-selling vehicle overall, is the BMW X3. The brand sold 6,200 X3 models last month.

By the end of May, BMW had delivered 27,109 new vehicles. That’s an increase over the 26,662 vehicles it delivered during May of 2018.

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So far this year, BMW has delivered a total of 124,813 vehicles. This accounts for an overall 0.7 percent sales growth for the brand.

You can see how BMW performed sales-wise last month using the attached chart below:

BMW May 2019 Sales

Photo: BMW