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BMW Performance Wheelchair Ready For Paralympics

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BMW Racing Wheelchair Rio 2016

Now that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have concluded, it’s time for the Paralympic Games in Rio this September. The opening ceremonies will take place on September 7th and run through the 18th. Team USA is ready to take on the world, and BMW will be with them to provide key support.

BMW has close ties with Team USA as a sponsor and equipment provider. In the last winter Olympics, BMW created a better and faster bobsled to take on Russia’s winter. For this Olympic cycle, BMW has taken on the performance wheelchair used in racing at the Paralympics games. The chair was revealed in April of this year, and now it has a starring role in a new BMW commercial.

Each wheelchair was built for the American Paralympian using it using a 3D scanner to ensure that the chair would be a perfect fit. While many racing wheelchairs are made of lightweight aluminum, BMW has gone even lighter by using carbon fiber. The new lightness works together with the chair’s aerodynamic design to help Team USA go as fast as their arms can push them.

According to BMW, this commercial displaying the new chair and talking about the strength of the Paralympic Team USA will air during the opening ceremonies on NBC and continue throughout the Games.

Brad Cracchiola, associate director of BMW Group Designworks, told USA Today “To be able to take what I do on a day-to-day basis and combine that with the design of this wheelchair is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” We can’t wait to see the wheelchair in action.

News Source: USA Today