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BMW Will Unleash New Sedan In China

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BMW 1 Series in China

Oh, China. The country receives so much of America’s ire, because it holds so much of our debt and is perceived to be the power taking away all our jobs. Not even the most red-blooded American can deny, though, that this country’s car market is growing at an amazing pace, and its spending power is influencing automakers. Some vehicles that end up in America are introduced in China first, and we certainly hope that’s the case for BMW’s latest offering.

The automaker has revealed that it will make a BMW 1 Series Sedan, but as of right now it will only be on sale in China. The German automaker is partnering with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd in their joint venture, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd (BBA) to bring the car to the large country and support it when it’s on the ground. BMW decided to offer the vehicle, which is seen as an entry-level luxury model, because the compact luxury car segment is the fastest-growing one in the Asian nation. This segment has allowed companies like Buick become successful, and BMW wants to join in on the party.

It’s a shame that the BMW 1 Series Sedan won’t be coming to America. We’re used to not getting many of BMW’s special edition vehicles, because many of them stay in Europe or Germany. This car isn’t just getting plopped in China, either. BMW engineers have studied Chinese driving habits to determine what features the vehicle really needs, and then the car was tested to ensure it could handle China’s wide range of terrain.

We’re sitting here with all of our fingers and toes crossed that the BMW 1 Series’ Chinese introduction is only the first of many. We promise to be very patient.