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BMW Wins LAPD Contract

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BMW i3 LAPD Vehicles

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you at a reasonable speed?


In September of last year, BMW loaned a BMW i3 EV to the Los Angeles Police Department. The brand was prepared to let the department have the vehicle for a year to determine if it would be a good fit with the department, and was committed to making improvements along the way to make sure the car worked as hard to serve and protect as a human member of the police force.

It turns out that the LAPD didn’t need a whole year to fall in complete love with the BMW i3. The BMW model was evaluated alongside models from other companies, and the LAPD announced early this month that the i3 was the best car for the job. The department said that the BMW i3’s best-in-class efficiency, advanced ConnectedDrive system (which support fleet-management software), and the vehicle’s overall reliability are what made it the obvious choice to win the bid.

BMW i3 Police Car

“The attributes of the BMW i3 position it to excel as the ideal vehicle for municipal organizations. The performance and technical capabilities, such as the BMW i3 ‘s acceleration, and its ConnectedDrive integration, are perfectly suited to transform the future mobility of the Los Angeles Police Department while also reducing their carbon footprint,” said Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW of North America.

Now BMW will get to work delivering to the LAPD with 100 EVs to patrol the streets. Greenlots will also begin installing a Level 2 charger for each car, and four DC fast chargers, in the LAPD lots. The BMW vehicle’s tight turning radius and small size make it perfect for maneuvering in the city streets. We all love EVs, but the department admitted that the vehicles will be used for non-emergency situations and not for wild police car chases.