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BMW’s i Genius Technology Speaks to UK Drivers

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To assist its UK electric car-driving clientele, BMW has come up with i Genius, an artificial intelligence service that acts as information database and personal concierge.  i Genius is able to interpret words spoken to it, as well as the context and the sentiment behind them, and formulate a real-time response.  It is even capable of asking questions of its own, which can result in a perfectly normal bi-lateral conversation between you and your car.  Yes.  Perfectly normal.

i Genius Technologyi Genius was developed by London Brand Management, which was founded by 19-year-old wunderkind Dmitry Aksenov.  Aksenov tells Motor Authority, “Our Artificial Intelligence software is truly groundbreaking and provides a unique channel for BMW and its customers to make better buying decisions by getting access to the right information at the right time in the right place.”

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Currently, the technology is limited to the UK market, though the import of i Genius to the States seems to have been left open as a possibility.  BMW was awarded the 2013 Company of the Year award by Frost and Sullivan earlier this year for EV innovations and its successful ride sharing programs, and i Genius seems to be a strong indicator of BMW’s intentions to repeat in 2014.

We’re definitely on board as long as i Genius is never heard to respond to an innocuous question by telling us it can’t let us do that and then calling us Dave.

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