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BMW’s Latest Technology at CES: Safety and Charging Devices

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BMW's Latest Technology at CES Inductive EV Charging Cross Section

We’ve already shown you the latest connectivity innovations featured by BMW at CES this year, merging digital device technology with the brand’s automobiles, but the automaker has plenty more it’s showcasing at the Consumer Electronics Show. The automobiles themselves are getting state-of-the-art upgrades, as the latest technology at CES 2015 includes BMW’s safety and charging systems.

BMW Presents the Latest Technology at CES

Below are some quick highlights from the safety and convenience side of BMW’s latest technology at CES this year:

BMW's Latest Technology at CES OLED organic lights headlightOrganic Lights:

BMW’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology is brilliant (purely because it makes a good pun). If this term reminds you of LED lights, it’s probably because they’re very similar. But instead of using bulbs, OLEDs use a thin, organic film of hydrocarbon to create a uniform spread. These lights take up less space–without needing reflectors–and can be shaped into stylish designs. It’s not as bright as the current LED lights, so for now it’s only being introduced in taillights rather than headlights. BMW is also showing off its intelligent LaserLight system with camera, sensor, and driver assistance integration. It originally debuted with the i8 supercar and has an illumination range nearing 2,000 feet.

BMW's Latest Technology at CES 360 degree laser sensor bumperAnti-Scrape Bumpers:

These smart bumpers–still in prototype phase–are part of BMW’s collision avoidance system and intend to eliminate scraping your car at slow speeds. When moving below 10 mph, four laser sensors create an “electronic protective shield” around the car that will gently apply the brakes when breached. This “Vision Zero” (accident-free) device is much more effective than ultrasonic sensors and gradually builds a virtual map of the surroundings. It’s used heavily in BMW’s valet parking system “Park Now,” which we discussed in depth previously.

BMW's Latest Technology at CES inductive charging EVHands-Free Charging:

In the future, you won’t need to plug in your BMW EV to charge it. Instead of relying on a Wallbox unit, BMW’s contact-free, inductive battery charging method offers the same 3.3kW rate without the hassle. A special parking unit will position the car over a base pad on the ground, which charges wirelessly by pairing a coil beneath the front wheels with a coil in the fixed base pad. There are no electromagnetic health concerns and the system is nearing production phase.