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Book By Cadillac: Richety-Rich Car-Sharing for Rich Wretches

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Book By Cadillac Logo

Car companies have lately been playing around with the idea of alternative ways to buy or lease a car. There is, on the one hand, the style of not owning a car at all and just calling up a ride every time you need to go somewhere, à la Uber and Lyft. Or, you could join a car-sharing program like the one offered by BMW, where you reserve a car for a small amount of time.

Take Your Time: Check out one of Cadillac’s most successful vehicles: the Escalade

However, if you are the sort that only drinks their morning cup of tea from bone china that you can see through, then Cadillac has an offer for you.

The service is called Book By Cadillac, and is the modern equivalent of ringing a little bell and telling the boy to bring the carriage around.

GM Canada has announced the Cadillac CT6 PHEV will become available this Spring

“Be quick about it, and I shall have a shiny farthing in it for you”

For the miserly sum of $1,500 per month, the modern-day lords and ladies of New York City, Nassau County, parts of Suffolk County on Long Island, most of Northern New Jersey, parts of Central New Jersey, and the Hudson River Valley up to Poughkeepsie can have a white-gloved concierge deliver one of the Cadillacs on the service’s curated list, including the CT6, XT5, Escalade, and both the ATS-V and CTS-V.

Ah, Luxury: Have a look at the Cadillac premier luxury sedan, the CT6

Cadillac ATS-V Price

Pictured: the modern equivalent of a carriage pulled by a dozen-horse team

Then, after dismissing the driver, you may simply tour the roadways at your leisure—Cadillac made sure to note many, many times on the Book By Cadillac website that mileage was unlimited. All of this comes without needing to call your insurance agent or pay for maintenance or repairs.

Then, when you tire of your current luxury cruiser, you need only make a virtual lazy hand gesture, and have another brought to you. You can do this as many as 18 times per year, so every few weeks you can have a new Cadillac in front of your suburban manse.

Thor Another Coffee

So like this, but somewhat more genteel

All joking aside, this seems like it would be very nice—a service where all the little hassles are already handled, where subscription is only on a month-by-month basis, and where there are no mileage restrictions sounds absolutely luxurious.