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Brace Yourselves, The NISMO Festival Is Coming

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Thanksgiving has just passed us by, and Christmas is mere weeks away. You may not have realized it, but there is an even bigger holiday between us and Christmas. And no, we’re not talking about Hanukkah, which starts on Christmas Eve. We’re talking about the Nissan NISMO Festival, which is less than two weeks away on December 11th in Japan.

If you did not get excited just then, even just a little bit, we suggest you look at other Nissan news. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives right now.

Are you still with us? Welcome to our NISMO fan club! We always look twice when we pass by a Nissan NISMO vehicle to see what makes it different from the standard model. Editor Rebecca was followed on her Thanksgiving drive by a Nissan Juke NISMO and she had a very hard time not stalking the owner to find out everything about their car and beg for a ride along. This is a serious love for sure.

This year is the 19th annual NISMO Festival at the Fuji Speedway, and it is shaping up to be a great event. Vintage Nissan race cars will be on hand to help celebrate the Fuji Speedway’s 50th anniversary, and Nissan race stars from around the world are attending to meet fans and participate in autograph sessions. The all-new Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 Super GT car will also be at the track to get race fans excited for next year’s race season.

To get the public even more excited for the event, Nissan has started a countdown, called #NISMOments, on social media. Even if you can’t make it to Japan, the weekend is sure to bring new photos of iconic cars and maybe an announcement or two. We’ll be covering it all here on The News Wheel.