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British Cops Use Sirens to Settle Children’s Debate

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Police in England apologized earlier this week after using their police car sirens to settle a debate among four-year-olds

Typically, when you hear a police siren, you assume there’s trouble—unless you live in North Swindon, England. Then, it’s likely the police are just settling a debate among four-year-olds.

Police in North Swindon, England had to apologize earlier this week after using their sirens on a residential street during an educational program. The police community support officers (PCSOs) were visiting Haydonleigh primary school earlier this week, when the children began to debate what the sound police sirens truly make. The options? Either “woo woo” or “nee-nah”.

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Turns out, the majority of Haydonleigh primary students were right on the money with their guesses. Before playing the siren, of the 88 children present, 60 voted “woo woo” over “nee-nah”. After unleashing the siren on unsuspecting adults in the area, it was determined that the British police sirens do, in fact, sound more like “woo woo” than “nee-nah,” making the majority of the children correct in their assumptions.

North Swindon Police made an apology following the event on its Facebook page. It read as follows:

Apologies to anyone in the Haydonleigh area who may have been disturbed by our sirens yesterday morning—the PCSOs were at the Primary School having a very important debate with the new Reception Year children about whether they go nee-nah or woo-woo.

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To clarify on whether or not the British police siren is, in fact, “woo woo,” here’s a snippet of the sound:

News Source: The Guardian