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Ace Metrix Names Buick 2013 Luxury Auto Brand of the Year

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2013 Luxury Brand of the Year

Popular ads for vehicles like the 2013 Buick Enclave led Ace Metrix to declare Buick the 2013 Luxury Band of the Year

Ace Metrix, self-described as the “new standard in television and video analytics,” has determined that Buick is its 2013 Luxury Auto Brand of the Year due to the strength of the advertising campaign that ran throughout the year.

Ace Metrix scores brands based on their ability to capture the attention of the viewer and elicit a strong reaction. Each ad is scored by a unique sample of 500 or more people, all of whom are representative of the average U.S. television viewing audience.

Toula V. Thomas, Ace Metrix’s Director of Insights & Analytics, said, “Buick took the Luxury Auto category – winning with a steady cadence of clever ads that focused on technology, performance and value. They edged out Mercedes and BMW for the top spot.”

Ace Metrix revealed that an ad for the Buick Enclave, entitled “Landing,” was the highest-scoring automotive ad (luxury and non-luxury) since Ace began its practices in 2009. The ad out-performed the nearly 2,800 auto ads Ace has tested in that time by 20 percent. In addition to beating out the rest of the premium pack on the way to being named 2013 Luxury Auto Brand of the Year, Buick’s average Ace Score topped that of non-auto brands such as Bacardi, Samuel Adams, TD Ameritrade, Reebok, and Netflix.

The Enclave recorded all-time-best sales in 2013, while overall Buick brand sales broke a nearly-30 year old record with strong sales domestically and in markets such as China and Canada.

“This award reinforces that our campaigns are really speaking to consumers and spreading the word about Buick’s great lineup of luxury vehicles,” said Sandra Moore, director of Buick advertising and sales promotion, in the brand’s press release.