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Buick Gingerbread House Video Wishes You Happy Holidays

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Buick Gingerbread House video

Still image from the new Buick Gingerbread House video

Yes, Christmas may be over, but the holiday season doesn’t have to end quite so abruptly. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the festivities going a little while longer (at least until Easter, at which point neighbors will start to insist that you take down your Christmas lights).

So in that same spirit, check out the Buick Gingerbread House video (below) that the automaker recently posted on YouTube as a last-minute gift to Buick fans.

The clip is a high-speed, time-lapse video that shows the construction of a very elaborate gingerbread house – a house which looks a lot more modern than the usual old-fashioned design. Then an adorable, edible Buick Regal pops out of the home’s gingerbread garage and goes for a stop-motion animation drive. It’s all pretty reminiscent of an old Rankin and Bass Christmas special… except it’s about Buicks.

Enjoy the video, although sugar junkies should be warned: this clip may cause some drooling.

Buick Gingerbread House Video