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Buick Is Most Reliable US Car Brand According to Consumer Reports

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According to the results of the newest Consumer Reports' reliability study, Buick is the most reliable US car brandThe Buick Motor Division of General Motors has emerged as the only Detroit automobile company rated inside the top 10 of Consumer Reports’ newest reliability survey.

This is the second consecutive year Buick secured a top ten spot in the annual study, thus earning the distinction of being one of the “most reliable” automobile manufacturers on the market.

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The study is based on survey results from 740,000 people who were asked to rate the reliability of their new vehicles and also report any problems they’ve experienced with their automobiles. Analysts then used the survey results to measure how reliable a new automobile might be, based on survey results from the vehicle’s three previous model years.

The results have shown that consumers are experiencing the most frustration with the various infotainment systems installed in their new vehicles, but they are also experiencing problems with newly-designed transmissions that are meant to preserve fuel. Many survey participants reported that some of the new eight or nine-speed transmissions are getting stuck in gear or are failing altogether, thus leaving them stranded.

While Buick vehicles continue to score well in the reliability survey, it might be worth noting that the much-hyped Tesla Model S had such poor survey results that Consumer Reports is no longer recommending the electric vehicle.

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News Source: Consumer Reports