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Buick Mexico Turns Focus to SUVs

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With neither the Regal nor the LaCrosse appearing on Buick's Mexican website, all signs indicate that Buick is now an SUV-only brand in the country

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Buick’s Mexican vehicle lineup
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With each passing year, Buick’s U.S. lineup of passenger cars shrinks, as its collection of crossovers and SUVs grows larger. In Mexico, the American automaker looks to be focusing solely on the Encore, Envision, and Enclave moving forward.

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Those three utility models are currently the only ones listed on the automaker’s Mexican website. General Motors Mexico has yet to release an official statement about this lineup change, though all evidence suggests that Buick is going SUV-only in Mexico moving forward.

Previously, Buick’s Mexican lineup included the Regal and LaCrosse sedans. Neither of those vehicles are currently listed on the Buick Mexican website.

The LaCrosse is also on its way out in the U.S. The Buick LaCrosse was among the several sedans GM eliminated from its lineup late last year as Buick renewed its focus on the growing SUV segment.

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Currently, the Buick Regal is still sold in the U.S. However, it is based on the Opel Insignia, and with GM’s partnership with Opel at an end, the automaker would have to create the Regal in-house, something that it might not be willing to do.

Currently, Buick has no plans in place to introduce another sedan to its lineup. Instead, it is working to develop new or enhanced models for its SUV and crossover segments.

Unless Buick decides to add the LaCrosse and Regal back to its Mexican website, the elimination of the models from Buick’s vehicle listings could serve as evidence of Buick rapidly becoming an SUV-exclusive brand.

News Source: GM Authority