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Bye My Volvo Closes Castor’s Volvo Saga

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Bye My Volvo

Bye My Volvo caps what experts will someday call Chris Castor’s Volvo Cycle.

Chris Castor of Sweden may be one of our new favorite people. First, he wowed us with the somewhat inane and completely enjoyable “Buy My Volvo” YouTube ad.


Volvo took notice and offered Castor the opportunity to put together an ad for the Volvo V60, which resulted in the no-less-entertaining #LOLVO spot.


Now, we’ve discovered the lucky buyers of that 1993 Volvo 245GL with the haunted backseat, oblong chrome nipple with five on it, and Hepatitis B: the developers of Forza Horizon 2. Of course, this has resulted in a video all its own, entitled…are you ready for this…Bye My Volvo.


According to the fine print at the beginning of the spot, Microsoft paid for Castor’s 1993 Volvo 245GL and then gave him the money to put together an ad for Forza Horizon 2. Unfortunately, that small print also tells us that Castor’s Volvo and its spinsie-winsies will not be made available in the game as DLC.

Bye My Volvo


Come on, Microsoft. You know that we need this.

The video takes on a considerably more serious tone from the outset: Castor tells the story of how he lost his job, posted his infamous first video, and was offered a one-week gig in Italy. Only it would be more serious if you didn’t quickly realize that Castor is actually speaking from the perspective of his car.

He (the Volvo) talks about his audition for a role in a television ad, his time spent with the lead actor (a Lamborghini Huracan), and the effort put into “nailing his lines.”

Bye My Volvo

because brake lines, geddit?

Then we find out just what ad the Volvo nailed a part in: a spot for Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One.

And sure enough, if you watch the official “Leave Your Limits” ad closely enough, you’ll see that lovely little Volvo bringing up the rear.

Bye My Volvo



Godspeed, little Volvo, and best of luck.