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Caddy’s Ellinghaus: Focus on What Cadillac Does Differently from BMW

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What Cadillac Does Differently

As part of its effort to become the fastest-growing luxury brand on the planet, Cadillac has consistently compared itself to cars with a German luxury name, occasionally even calling out competitors such as BMW in its advertisements. According to Uwe Ellinghaus, a former BMW marketing executive who is now Cadillac’s global marketing chief, it’s time for Cadillac to take a different marketing approach and focus instead on what Cadillac does differently from BMW and its European competitors.

The key, Ellinghaus tells, is to define “American luxury” for buyers and move away from becoming too mainstream like its competitors. Many of the well-known German luxury brands—BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi—have created luxury cars that look strikingly similar to each other. Distinct designing will allow for Cadillac to stand out, and Ellinghaus believes that their ability to operate outside of the confines of what is expected from their opposition will ultimately be what could catapult them to total dominance.

“None of the German premium manufacturers can any longer afford to offer cars with distinctive styling,” Ellinghaus told Automotive News. “Their volume aspirations are such that they must go mainstream with their major cars.”

“We can be a little bolder, a little more distinctive,” he adds. “We have something [a higher degree of freedom] they do not have.”

With the 2014 CTS sedan winning Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award, while also dominating the infamous Nuburgring track and the ATS compact sedan receiving praise from every direction, there’s no denying that what Cadillac does differently from BMW, Mercedes, and Audi has caught the attention of media and car buyers alike.

Do you agree that Cadillac should focus more on being different from the pack in order to rise above them? Share your thoughts below!