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Cadillac Brings Home the Win From Daytona

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Cadillac DPiThe 24 Hours of Daytona is one of the most prestigious endurance races in the world, with teams competing not only to be the fastest drivers but to have the best engineered vehicles. In a NASCAR race, a flat tire is enough to doom your standings, but here there could be more than enough time to catch up. That means that Cadillac’s victory at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend was a testament to the vehicle the manufacturer put on the starting line.

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Not only did the car win the race, but it also set a new record for longest distance ever run during the 24 Hours of Daytona with 808 laps or 2,876.48 miles. Since the event is based on time, not laps, there can be a wide array of miles actually traveled.  The Cadillac that took home the overall trophy for the race was the Number 5 Mustang Sampling Cadillac DPi, which is actually classified as a prototype. Filipe Albuquerque, Joao Barbosa, and Christian Fittipaldi took turns behind the wheel with Albuquerque eventually bring the car to end of its run and victory.

While the Cadillac victory is something to celebrate, the automaker will need to address some of the problems the vehicle had on the track. Almost any vehicle that runs for a whole day with no rest is sure to run into some issues, and in this car’s case it was the temperature control. Albuquerque reported that the dash was lit up with alerts, and he actually had to turn off the engine during the straightaway portions of track towards the end to cool it down as quickly as possible.

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As endurance racing picks up momentum for 2018, we’ll see if Cadillac returns to win victory with this prototype car or an upgraded version.

News Source: Jalopnik, The Drive