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Cadillac Condemns Casting Call for Neo-Nazi Commercial Role

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Are you a Trump voter between the ages of 20-40 looking for your big break in the acting biz? Would you like your face to be associated with one of the auto industry’s most prestigious brands merely by using it to spew your moronic beliefs about the superiority of the white race on camera? Well, today might just be your lucky day.

According to Reuters, a casting notice was sent out this past Friday by The Cast Station seeking “real people” to fill roles in “a beautifully artistic spot that is captureing (sic) all walks of life of America.” Among the walks of life to be represented: current or retired military, Olympic athlete, and white nationalist garbage.

A version of the casting notice for a Cadillac ad to be shot later this month specified that the agency was looking for individuals to serve in the principal role of “alt-right (neo-Nazi).” Ironically, the notice, which drew a great degree of scrutiny on social media throughout the weekend, noted that the role of neo-Nazi was open to “all ethnicities.” Because, you know, equal opportunity and all that.

According to another version of the same casting notice obtained by Reuters, the advertisement is meant to convey the sentiment of “standing together as a union” and “is not meant to be offensive in anyway. Just a representation of all sides,” which sounds a whole lot like a recapitulation of “I’m not a racist, but…”

Here’s a tip: if anyone ever tells you that something you are doing is not accurately representative of all sides because it does not incorporate the perspective of fascists, feel free to dropkick that person into a volcano without hesitation in lieu of rebuttal. Same thing for anyone who tries to suggest that unity is only possible if it entails standing harmoniously alongside neo-Nazis. Same thing for neo-Nazis, come to think.

Cadillac issued a statement on Saturday saying that it “did not authorize or approve” the casting notice, condemning it outright and demanding answers from all parties involved. 

Shortly thereafter, The Cast Station issued a statement of its own, claiming that the casting notice “was issued by mistake” despite being issued in numerous iterations. The Cast Station proceeded to lay blame for the notice on an employee, who was said to have been terminated immediately thereafter, and an outside third party.

According to Samantha Tan, the actress whose tweet about the casting notice seems to have helped spark the outcry, the casting call was still circulating as of early Monday morning. Only now, the role of “neo-Nazi” seems to have been changed to that of “PROTESTERS,” calling instead for “real Alt-Right protesters” and adding the confusing lines: “With a historical reenactment. But people are so sensitive so just take it down.”

It would seem, then, that The Cast Station did not object so much to the idea of openly calling for a neo-Nazi to star in a Cadillac commercial as much as it did the correct labeling of the alt-right. Spoilers, tho: if alt-right ideology is the number six, neo-Nazism is a half-dozen.

Whatever the terminology, it seems that the role of neo-Nazi still remains intact in some form or another and is open for submissions until the end of the day, though it remains to be seen if the role will be filled or the commercial will lens in its original intended form. One can only presume that it was to have been some kind of variation on Chevy’s “Real People, Not Actors” campaign, only with a lot more outward expression of racist ideology. If the agency is still looking for someone who truly embodies what it is to be an alt-right thinker, how about the guy who dropped these little gems on The Cast Station’s statement on Facebook:

That’s no actor. That’s a *real* racist…er, alt-right thinker.

News Source: Reuters