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Cadillac Provides Insight on Connected Services with Cute Commercials

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Cadillac Connected Services Puppy Prep Commercial
A couple uses Connected Services on their journey to adopting a new puppy

Getting to know a new car can be confusing and downright frustrating. Between trying to adjust your seat just right and trying to find the button for cruise control, the cabin of a new vehicle takes some time to get used to. Instead of leaving you to read the owner’s manual to figure out what your car can do, Cadillac released a series of commercials showcasing the Connected Services feature and how beneficial it can be.

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In the first commercial, “Puppy Prep,” a couple is preparing to adopt a new dog. After the man forgets to buy a leash, his partner orders one via Amazon and chooses the in-car delivery option thanks to Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery. Later, she opens the liftgate of her XT4 and the package is there. Once they’re in the car discussing how many times to walk their new pup, they listen to a helpful audiobook provided by the trial subscription offered to new owners. Then she sends the directions directly from her phone to the SUV’s in-dash navigation system. Once they’ve got their new puppy, the couple then has the ability to use the XT4’s hotspot to upload cute photos to the internet.

Cadillac Connected Services Key by Amazon In Car Delivery Puppy Prep Commercial
Amazon associates go through many security protocols to complete in-car deliveries

The second commercial, “Photo Pro,” features an on-the-go photographer utilizing Connected Services to get through her busy day. When she’s done taking photos at her first location, she uses the Connected Services app to remotely start her vehicle so she can quickly get to her next destination. But on the way, she orders a coffee to keep her going via the Marketplace option in the dashboard. Using her Cadillac’s Wi-Fi hotspot, she uploads the photos she just took and then sends her next destination’s address to the navigation system so she can keep plugging along.

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With Connected Services, you can also get diagnostics of your vehicle via text alerts, set maintenance reminders, locate your vehicle, and much more. You can learn everything there is to know about this helpful service via the Cadillac website.

“Puppy Prep”

“Photo Pro”