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Cadillac LTS Might Not Actually Be Cadillac LTS

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Yes, we know that makes no sense. We’ve just been buzzing a lot recently about the new flagship sedan from Cadillac, which we can now confirm will be unveiled at next year’s Pebble Concours d’Elegance, but this whole time, we and the other experts have been calling it the Cadillac LTS, with LTS standing, of course, for “Large Touring Sedan.”

The not Cadillac LTS will take cues from the Elmiraj concept.

The not Cadillac LTS will take cues from the Elmiraj concept.

But according to a Cadillac spokesperson, who recently spoke with Car and Driver, Cadillac may not be branding its flagship as the LTS after all.

Now don’t we all feel silly.

But there was reason to be fooled. Cadillac’s naming structure is pretty darn predictable, and just a couple years ago, GM filed a trademark application for “LTS.” In all honesty, Cadillac probably did plan on naming the new model the Cadillac LTS for some time. However, the source that spoke with Car and Driver also dropped a major bombshell: Cadillac execs are currently reconsidering the naming strategy all together.

Unfortunately, this might not be a good thing. Johan de Nysschen, who gave Infiniti its terrible naming strategy last year, has moved over to head Cadillac now, leaving the “Q” legacy behind in Japan. But if we have to start calling all the Cadillacs “D-432” or “H-287,” we give up.

Let’s hope for something cooler.