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Cadillac Pauses Its BOOK Vehicle Subscription Service

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It looks like Cadillac might be closing the book on BOOK after less than two years.

The luxury brand says that BOOK by Cadillac, its vehicle subscription service, will be put on hold after Dec. 1.

Cadillac first started offering BOOK in January 2017. For $1,800 a month (plus a one-time $500 initiation fee), the service gave subscribers access to five different Cadillac vehicles: the ATS-V and CTS-V high-performance cars, the CT6 sedan, the XT5 crossover, and the Escalade SUV. Subscribers could change vehicles up to 18 times a year and have them delivered straight to their address.

BOOK was only available in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Cadillac hasn’t said how many subscribers it was able to attract, but reports indicate that the service ended up costing more than expected.

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BOOK by Cadillac vehicle subscription service

BOOK by Cadillac is on hold, meaning subscribers can no longer have the Escalade and other luxury rides delivered to their front doors

Cadillac doesn’t appear to be killing BOOK outright, saying it will “temporarily pause” the program. The brand said that BOOK “launched as a pilot program, providing the brand with valuable insights and contributing to Cadillac’s ongoing commitment in identifying new and innovative luxury experiences for their customers. The brand will use these insights to make adjustments to the BOOK by Cadillac strategy moving forward.”

In a world where the idea of car ownership isn’t as dominant as it once was, Cadillac hoped that BOOK would provide an alternate way to boost the brand and attract new customers. It didn’t work out that way, but don’t be surprised if Cadillac takes the subscription route again soon — only this time with a revised strategy.

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News Source: The Detroit News