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Cadillac Uses Ultrasonic Welding for ELR’s Lithium-Ion Batteries

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With the North American launch looming for the Cadillac ELR, which is the automaker’s inaugural foray into the world of plug-in hybrids, Cadillac and GM are taking every precaution to ensure that their much-hyped extended-range electric luxury coupe has every chance to succeed.  Thus, it comes as little surprise that Cadillac’s vehicle of the future will be partially manufactured through a process used to innovate in the aerospace and medical industries.

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Cadillac will use the method of ultrasonic welding to join metal electrode tabs on the ELR’s 16.5kWh lithium-ion batteries.  The process will take place at GM’s Brownstone Battery Assembly plant near Detroit, Mich. and will benefit the ELR’s battery by allowing for superior quality, better efficiency, and more consistency between products.

According to GM, each ELR battery has nearly 200 ultrasonic welds and must hold up to scrupulous testing.  Because of this, Cadillac is able to offer an eight-year/100,000-mile battery system warranty with the ELR.

The ELR, which utilizes the lithium-ion battery in conjunction with a 1.4L 4-cylinder engine and a 119-135kw motor, has been tested to achieve up to a 300 mile range and is expected to launch in early 2014.

Ultrasonic Welding for ELR’s Lithium-Ion Batteries

Cadillac is using ultrasonic welding for ELR’s Lithium-Ion Batteries