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Cadillac XTS Offers Wide Variety of Wood Trim to Enhance Luxury Feel

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Doubtlessly, Cadillac’s vehicles are known for luxury.  Their talent extends from the recognizable exteriors to the ultra-comforts of their interiors.  One of the more subtle contributors to Cadillac’s winning formula is their choices for vehicle trims, and one of their true masterpieces is the variety of interior trims available in the Cadillac XTS.

Cadillac XTS Offers Wide Variety of Wood Trim

Cadillac XTS Offers Wide Variety of Wood Trim
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The engineers at Cadillac have drawn inspiration from everything from chrome luxury watches to popular furnishing trends in enhancing the naturally spacious design language of their XTS vehicles.  Taking cues from acoustic guitars and pianos, the XTS’s available wood trims are like music…for the eyes.

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The formula seems to be working just fine: WardsAuto and Forbes both named the Cadillac XTS among its best interiors for 2013.  With available wood trims including black marble burl, black olive ash, and smoked laurel burl, there is no lack of customization available, assuring that every Cadillac XTS belongs irrefutably to its driver.

So long as Cadillac doesn’t decide to evoke the feeling of bathroom porcelain or a third grader’s kiln-fired clay art project, we suspect that the variety of trims available in the Cadillac XTS will continue to be nothing short of breathtaking.