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Cadillac’s Ad Agency Could Be on the Outs

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Rogue, Cadillac’s ad agency, was hired by the American luxury brand in June of just last year, but now Media Bistro is reporting that Cadillac may already very well be looking for a new agency to take on its company. Rogue, of course, was responsible for the highly controversial “Poolside” ad that dropped at the beginning of this year. Check it out below:

This controversy, mated with the general slump in sales for 2014, could be motivation enough to can Rogue and find a different ad agency all together.

Rogue was also responsible for this disaster:

Of course, Media Bistro is merely working from an anonymous tip, meaning nothing has been made official. (So Rogue employees reading this article, never fear…for now.) It does make sense, however, as Uwe Ellinghaus (previously of BMW) and Johan de Nysschen (previously of Infiniti) joined Cadillac’s team in the last year to pick the brand up from the doldrums and point it in the right direction. Perhaps under their leadership, the brand will be dropping Rogue.

Both Ellinghaus and de Nysschen have indicated that they have big plans for the brand, but all statements have been rather vague. So could these plans include a change in Cadillac’s ad agency? Possibly. Let’s hope—unless we want more of Neal McDonough turning an ELR into his own personal high horse.

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