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Cadillac’s Financial Results Will Be Reported Separately from GM’s

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Cadillac’s Financial Results | De Nysschen

Johan de Nysschen says that Cadillac’s financial results will be reported separately from GM’s.

Johan de Nysschen, President of Cadillac, dropped a number of big bombs in a recent interview with USA Today. For instance, the newly appointed chief reported that there is a $100,000 Cadillac model in the works, likely to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. He also stated that he intends to bring the New York headquarters’ workforce from 30 to 300 in three years, and that the Cadillac ATS-V will be priced at $63,000, probably in a move to compete with the BMW M3 and M4.

De Nysschen also announced that, going forward, Cadillac’s financial results will be reported separately from General Motors’, forming an even clearer division between Cadillac and the other GM brands in the United States.

But de Nysschen was quick to point out that this absolutely does not mean Cadillac is breaking away from GM in the way that Ferrari has with Fiat. The goal is to raise Cadillac to the level at which its German competitors are currently playing.

Mark Reuss, the global product chief, backed de Nysschen up, saying that GM had already been moving in this direction—i.e. planning to move the headquarters and reporting its earnings separately. According to Reuss, de Nysschen agreed with that idea and, essentially, “that’s why he came on board.”

News Source: USA Today