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Cadillac’s Naming System: There’s No Going Back Now

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Cadillac’s naming system has been totally revamped under the direction of Johan de Nysschen. De Nysschen has done this before—in fact, just two years ago, with the change in Infiniti’s naming structure. It seems that he learned his lesson, however, as it was not well received when all of Infiniti’s models adopted the Q/QX naming structure overnight. This time around, de Nysschen is rolling it out gradually. Cadillac’s naming system will be applied to each current model only when it enters a new generation.

Cadillac’s Naming System

Johan de Nysschen says we might get a Cadillac halo car or two above the Omego flagship sedan coming next year.

So what is the naming system? It’s pretty simple, actually. Cars will get the CT designation, and crossovers and SUVs will get the XT treatment. Numbers will then be used to designate a model’s place in the lineup, much like BMW’s own lineup. Already, Cadillac has been generating excitement about the CT6, the first model to debut with the brand’s new naming scheme.

And now, GM Authority has pointed out that it’s pretty much set in stone, as Cadillac has filed trademarks for the names CT2, CT3, CT4, CT7, and CT8 (the brand already filed for CT5 and CT6), as well as XT2, XT3, XT4, XT5, XT6, XT7, and XT8. It is interesting to note that currently, Cadillac has two crossover/SUV models: the SRX and the Escalade. De Nysschen has hinted at two more, but the brand has made room for an extra three. Does this mean we’ll see three? Certainly not any time soon, but maybe somewhere down the line.

This also means that the CT6 will not reign as the top-of-the-line, mega halo model for Cadillac either. Cadillac has left room for a CT8 one day, but who knows what the brand has in store for that one?

News Source: GM Authority