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Cadillac’s Sales Boom Credited In Part to Macklemore’s “White Walls”

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Macklemore’s White Walls features Cadillac models from all eras

You would be hard-pressed to find a more prominent recording artist right now than Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  The pair first found internet and then international fame for their inspired song, “Same Love,” and  their popular “Thrift Shop” music video.  Now it seems there is a new hit from the tandem’s “The Heist” album every couple of months with no end in sight.  The most recent example–“White Walls”–may have Cadillac owing the duo a cut of recent profits, or at least a thank you.

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Following meteoric rise of the songs “Can’t Hold Us” and “Same Love” up the Billboard Hot 100, Macklemore’s newest hit “White Walls” is an ode to vintage Cadillacs and their famous wheels.  The ballad (of sorts) begins “I want to be free/I want to just live, inside my Cadillac,” and continues to reference the luxury automaker throughout the song.

The song was released in 2012 on “The Heist,” but became popular last year in 2013; a year in which Cadillac experienced an unprecedented sales growth of 48 percent.

Although, don’t give Macklemore & Ryan Lewis all the credit.  Macklemore’s “White Walls” may have started the trend, but Lorde’s “Royals” and Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs” also feature the General Motors luxury brand. In fact, Macklemore’s Cadillac ode is just one example in a sea of songs about America’s favorite luxury brand.

“You turn on the radio, whether its country or pop, Cadillac is mentioned frequently,” said Bob Ferguson, GM Vice President, Global Cadillac. “It helps the brand.”

What is your favorite automotive-inspired song of all time?  Share it with us in the comments below!

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