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Canadian Twilight Zone Stops Cars From Starting

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Car key fobs are convenient, but they come with a host of problems, like an increase in car thefts. Now there’s another reason why car key fobs are causing an issue: They randomly stop working in one specific parking lot in Canada.

Cue the 1950s alien sound effects.

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In a Westview Co-op parking lot in Canada, several customers have reported that their key fobs have died and sometimes their cars won’t start. Cars alarms also go off randomly for no reason.

When customers go across the street to get new batteries for their key fobs, it doesn’t fix the problem. The local community is becoming afraid of parking near the Westview Co-op because they don’t know if their car will break down.

Westview launched an investigation into why cars and technology are malfunctioning in this single parking lot, but they’re no closer to the answer.

It gets creepier: When Westview had electricians come out to see what the problem was, they shut down the power, but the electrician’s equipment still showed weird interference.

With no solution in sight beyond ghosts or aliens, Westview sought help from the Canadian government. Right now, there’s no additional news on what’s going on in Westview besides the fact that whatever is causing the problem hasn’t stopped.

In an interview with CBC, Stephen Kennedy, Westview asset protection manager, said, “We are taking extra steps to ensure we are driving the solution.”

We hope he understands the irony in that statement.

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We’ll have to stay on the lookout for more Stranger Things-esque happenings in Westview and keep our cars away.

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