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Lucky Canadians Get Unlimited Mileage Warranty From Mazda

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Canadian Unlimited mileage warranty Canada

It appears Tesla’s yet again causing waves in the automotive industry. After the controversial brand introduced an infinite mile warranty back in August, other automakers are beginning to take note of the confidence Tesla has in its products.

Enter Mazda Canada–which doesn’t make the news as often as it should. Despite the size and weather conditions of its country, the branch of Mazda north of the border is ready to show the same self-assurance in its own fuel-efficient products.

Behold the unlimited mileage warranty for all new Mazda vehicles!

Not only does this warranty apply to new cars sold going forward, it will apply retroactively to all 2015 models already sold. Hot damn, eh?

O Canada! Give Us Your Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Mazda executives claim the unlimited mileage warranty is because the company doesn’t want to restrict customers from enjoying their vehicles. Perhaps that’s a common concern for our Canadian neighbors: “I wish I could drive my car more, but I can’t–it has a warranty.”

Regardless of the reason, it’s undeniable that an unlimited mileage warranty is a good deal. It will cover service adjustments, basic warranty, roadside assistance, powertrain warranty, anti-perforation, original equipment battery, and safety restraints. The only aspect with a limited distance coverage is emissions defects.

“Mazda’s focus is on long-term customer satisfaction,” said Kory Koreeda, president of Mazda Canada. “By offering our customers an Unlimited Mileage Warranty, we believe it will enhance their ownership experience by alleviating concerns such as kilometre limitations, repair costs and resale value.”

Will we Americans be lucky enough to get an unlimited mileage warranty? According to Nick Beard, a Mazda spokesperson consulted by Autoblog, “We’re sticking with our current warranty.” Drat!

It feels like Mazda’s playing favorites with Canada, but hey–if you can’t beat them, it’s time to make like John Candy and sneak across the border a la Canadian Bacon.

“We’re all aboot hockey and mooses; let’s see that warranty, eh?!”

Hell yeah Canada