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Car Boat Made from Chevy Pickup Chassis Cruises Around New Orleans

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Warmer spring weather is the perfect time to take a joy ride. Now, you don’t have to choose between cruising the water and floating the river. This car boat, owned by Brian and Michelle Falgout from New Orleans, incarnates the best of both worlds.

When Brian was growing up, he remembers how his dad built hot rods and street rods. Now, Brian works as a mechanic, so it seemed only natural to invent this unique concept car by merging a Manatee boat with the chassis of a Chevy pickup truck.

The couple insured the car boat, so they can legally drive it on the street. The contraption is equipped with basic car functions as well as seat belts, blinkers and brake lights to enhance safety and visibility while on the road.

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If you happen to be driving in and around New Orleans, be on the lookout for the car boat. The couple takes it out on excursions on a regular basis, blaring 80s and 90s music while they startle passersby and other drivers.

What’s in the future for the car boat? For now, the Falgouts plan on just enjoying their novel car/boat hybrid, while taking friends and family for jaunts around town. Though renting the car boat out might be an endeavor that they explore sometime in the future, since many locals have asked about it.

Until then, the couple is keeping their unique car boat creation mostly to themselves and their inner circle of acquaintances—and who could blame them?

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News Source: Times-Picayune