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Car Crash Saves Woman’s Life by Revealing Rare Cancer

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crashed red car front

Pictured: a hero, apparently

Michelle Cartwright did not have a good summer last year. First, in June, Cartwright, who was then 28 weeks pregnant, was involved with a car accident when an off-duty police officer collided with her car.

Although the baby was just fine, Cartwright’s leg swelled, and didn’t get any better over the next six weeks.

When she went to the doctor, she found out she had a tumor in her leg, and four months later was diagnosed with a rare cancer called liposarcoma. Doctors told her that she would have to initiate an early birth so that she could begin treatment.

From there, though, this story gets significantly happier. The baby was born at 6 lbs 13oz, and was healthy despite the early delivery. After the birth and 25 days of radiotherapy, doctors finally removed the tumor that started it all, and told her that they are “99.9 percent certain that the cancer was gone.

“Looking back,” she said, “that accident saved my life. I was very lucky I had a car crash.”

We’ll file that quote under “things almost never said by anyone.”