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Car Key Fobs and Garage Openers Malfunctioning in North Olmsted Neighborhood

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Picture yourself leaving the house on a given weekday morning in Ohio. You have locked the door behind you, and you reach for the key fob to your car. You pull it out and press the unlock button — once, twice, thrice, and nothing. You then go the old-fashioned route and use a key to open your driver’s side door before starting your commute.

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This is the ongoing situation for a North Olmsted neighborhood near Cleveland, Ohio. Early last month, one neighbor tried to lock her door with her car’s key fob. Nothing happened.

Since then, many of the neighbors on Virginia Avenue and surrounding streets in Parkview neighborhood have shared a realization. The key fobs to their cars and remotes to their garage door are not working quite like they used to.

No one knows exactly what the cause is.


Or something else. Perhaps it is Apple Pencils.

Theories revolve around previous technical issues at the nearby Hopkins International Airport, cable boxes on utility poles, Wi-Fi, and NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

While the issues currently remain unresolved, the key fobs work fine away from the neighborhood, and the issues are inconsistent for the most part. This alone is good news.

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We wouldn’t want an episode of “The Twilight Zone” playing out before us on the 11:00 evening news.