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Car News In the Rearview: Mustang Burnouts to the People

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Hello, and welcome to In the Rearview, where I bring you the week’s car news, this time in a nice, concise bundle of information.

Mitsubishi Emblem

First up this week, Mitsubishi Motors President and CEO Osamu Masuko has dropped the second of those two titles, and will soon be dropped from the first one as Mitsubishi restructures and eliminates the presidential seat. That’s ok, though–Masuko has been trying to get out since before Nissan bought the company.

Then, Nissan put on its teaching hat this week as it went to Washington to inform our lawmakers on just what self-driving cars can do so far. Maybe this will help remind them that there are, in fact, no currently-available fully self-driving cars on the road.


Speaking of Nissan, though, the company has announced that it will soon be revealing the new-generation LEAF after seven years with a largely unchanged little hatchback, hopefully taking it from “that weird car that doesn’t go very far” to a more widely-usable vehicle.

Speaking of electron-powered cars, though, Volvo has announced that a year and a half from now, every single one of its new vehicles will use electric motors to move, whether as conventional hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or full electrics. This is extra shocking because a year and a half is just about light speed for new car development.

2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost electronic line-lock

Then, we come to the fun news of the week, because Ford has announced that no matter what 2018 Mustang you buy, every single one will be able to rip sweet, sweet burnouts thanks to standard electronic line-lock.

gas fuel pump dispender filling station origin history

Finally, that brings us to France, which is Taking a Stand by banning sales of gas and diesel vehicles in the country. However, it’s not standing very high, and not for a very long time, because that ban will take effect in 23 years.