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Car News In the Rearview: Sergio Just Can’t Catch a Break

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Welcome back to In the Rearview, where I bring you some of the top automotive news of the past week, even when the great yearly awakening of the trees is making me want to hide in a hospital clean room until winter.

So, first up comes International Women’s Day, and GM CEO Mary Barra encouraging girls to stay in STEM fields, a thing that, as a man in a liberal arts field, I almost feel unqualified to comment on.

Then, General Motors decided to actually sell Opel and Vauxhall to the French PSA Group, finally letting the company make some serious money in Europe.

Meanwhile, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is very displeased, because in his eyes, that deal has lessened the prospects of two companies that he is still, after all that has happened, trying to merge with: VW and GM–the former of which now has PSA breathing down its neck in production numbers, and the latter of which no longer has a major European offering. Of course, though, both VW and GM when asked, reiterated that they are definitely not interested.

At the Geneva Motor Show, we saw several reveals, including the Mercedes AMG-GT Concept and the North-America-spec Honda Civic Type R. Both looked great, although the Mercedes is probably best viewed from the front.

In other reveals, Mitsubishi seems to be bouncing back from its money woes, as its last February was a whole 38.8% better than the last one. And yet, they still haven’t brought the Outlander plug-in hybrid to North America.

In other disappointments, the Jeep Wrangler Pickup has been pushed back once more as Jeep works on the new Wrangler and getting the EPA to let them sell their diesel engines.

Finally, we end on a high note, with a shameless plug of our EV List, which I personally updated last week, and took absolutely forever. Please look at it.