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Car News In the Rearview: Trump’s Special Truck Day

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Welcome once more to In the Rearview, where I bring you the thrills, spills, and chills of car news from the past week, all cut down into bite-sized, highly nutritious form.

Tastes Just Like Chicken: Mazda has four vehicles at the top of Consumer Guide’s Best Buys list

First up, in news from the subcontinent, India has implemented a surprise car sales ban on any vehicles not meeting the new emissions standards, beginning April 1st. The court issued this ruling on March 28th. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are presumed trapped on dealership lots, upsetting carmakers, but the court has insisted that clean air trumps carmaker profits.

Then, rumors continue to abound surrounding the first vehicle to come from the NissanMitsubishi teams, with the most likely candidate appearing to be the return of the Mitsubishi Montero and a refreshed Nissan Armada.

In safety news, is it safe to rent a car seat for your child on the go? The short answer is no. The long answer is bring along your own car seat, because the short answer really said it all.

Next up, old car safety conventions continue to deteriorate, as experts are now saying that using the penny test to see if a car’s tire tread is too shallow isn’t good enough, and it’s far safer to use a quarter instead. The cost of safety is really driving up, these days.

Times Are Changing: Now that spring has sprung, isn’t it time to clean out your car?

In news out of Germany, in a world where new SUVs are all you see, one company dares to come out with a new sedan: Volkswagen, with its new Arteon. Coming soon to a dealership near you.

Then, our next story comes from our own President, who got to sit in a big rig and blow the horn. I was blown away by how much the people around him treated the president in the truck like a 7-year-old on his special day, and apparently I was not alone in noticing that fact.

Last week, I talked about Consumer Reports’ 10 Worst Cars, so it seemed only right that this week I should talk about the 10 Best. No Fiat Chrysler vehicles here, but a pretty mixed bag, otherwise.

Finally, a reminder: The News Wheel is awesome, and is giving away two tickets to the New York International Auto Show. The giveaway closes on the 12th, so be sure to get your entries in for one of the nation’s biggest car shows.