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Car-Themed Ways to Celebrate Daylight Appreciation Day This Friday

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The summer solstice is probably the most popular holiday people will be celebrating this Friday, on June 21. This day marks the north pole’s maximum tilt toward the sun. Because this date also results in the longest length of daylight out of the year — for us who live in the northern hemisphere — it’s also known as Daylight Appreciation Day. Here are some car-themed ways to observe this holiday, whether you’re shopping for a new ride or enjoying your current one.

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Pick a vehicle with a sunroof

When shopping for a new vehicle, put this add-on on your “must-have” list. The GMC Acadia, Cadillac XT4, and Buick Encore are just a few popular models that have a sunroof as either a standard or available feature. Whether you prefer a luxury vehicle or an economy model, a sunroof is a welcome perk that makes it easier to let more light into the cabin.

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Roll down the windows

UVB rays are necessary for triggering your body’s production of vitamin D, as The New York Times confirms. Because most vehicles’ glass windows block UVB rays, they significantly impede your skin’s exposure to the full benefits of sunlight. Drive with the windows down when the weather allows, to help boost the amount of sunlight your epidermis encounters.

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Explore the outdoors

Use your vehicle to travel to outdoorsy destinations. Summer is the perfect time to plan an evening excursion or weekend road-trip to a fun location in your area. Whether it’s a simple picnic with your partner, a kayaking adventure, or a challenging hike, you’re sure to soak up some sun while spending time with loved ones.

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