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Car Ziplines Over River, I Nearly Have Heart Attack Watching

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car ziplines

A car ziplines over a river in Russia.


We open on a scenic family trip through the mountains. “Oh, look at the birds,” cry the children. “Oh, look at the bears.” Smiles and laughter abound.

Until we reach the raging river with no bridge in sight. How ever shall we get across?

“I’ve got an idea, honey,” says the husband. “Why don’t we tie a few cables to some trees and zipline the car across?”

“That’s my little genius right there,” says the wife, clapping excitedly and ruffling her husband’s hair.

Apparently this frightening scenario is not uncommon in Russia. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below as a precious car ziplines over a roaring river (and hits the tree pretty hard maybe?) to the other side:

Car Ziplines Over Russian River

According to AOL Autos, the edge-of-your-seat scene takes place in Siberia, where there is a noted lack of infrastructure (i.e. no gosh darn bridges to get across the river to Grandmother’s house). Naturally ziplining your car across with some spare cables is the next best thing to a bridge. (I do have to wonder: how did everyone else get across? That’s another video worth seeing too.)

I can’t imagine ziplining my car across a white water death trap in this situation. I think I’d just turn around, go home, and see if there were any reruns of The Cosby Show on. I’ll just leave the adventures to the experts.