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Carlex Design Dodge Challenger Hellcat Looks Out of This World

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Carlex Design Dodge Challenger Hellcat

The Carlex Design Dodge Challenger Hellcat is definitely unique
Photo: Auto Bild Espana Twitter

Some might say that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat’s performance is out of this world, and they’d be right. With a 707-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, this muscle car is one of the most powerful vehicles out on the road and now, thanks to Carlex Design, the Challenger Hellcat matches its out-of-this-world performance.

Last April, Carlex announced its plan to create a bespoke Dodge Challenger Hellcat that would turn heads no matter where it would go. The company, which is known for its attention to detail, has created a number of jaw-dropping vehicles over the years. So, really, it was no surprise when it debuted the Hellcat’s alien-like steering wheel.

Carlex Design Dodge Challenger Hellcat Steering Wheel

Talk about out-of-this-world
Photo: Carrozeria UK Ltd Twitter

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The steering wheel, which was crafted in Carlex’s jewelry atelier, looks like something you would find in a villain’s spaceship in a sci-fi film. Intricate details come together throughout the wheel with a special driver information display to make this Hellcat’s steering wheel one of the most unique we’ve ever seen.

So, of course Carlex wanted to make an interior that could showcase this steering wheel to the max.

Carlex Design Dodge Challenger Hellcat Interior

An extremely unique interior
Photo: Carscoops Twitter

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Throughout this unique Hellcat’s interior, you can see the same level of craftsmanship. The doorsills look like something out of Alien, while the seats have a just-stitched-together type of look that really adds to the other-worldly feel. Even the exterior gets special treatment with its black theme.

Needless to say, this is just the car that would make you happy to go to the darkside.

News Source: Carlex Design