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Carlos Ghosn Honored by LinkedIn

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Carlos GhosnCarlos Ghosn, the chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, is kind of a rockstar in the business world. This is especially true in France and Japan, where the automotive giants maintain their respective headquarters. It should come as no surprise, then, that Ghosn has been given the top spot on LinkedIn’s “Top Voices” in France for 2016 this month.

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The internationally popular professional networking site looked at the French professionals that had the most sway beyond the European nation’s borders. According to the website, Ghosn easily earned his latest award due to his 30 articles published on the site, daily reports, and more than 760,000 followers from around the world. LinkedIn says that this “Top Voices” list is a first for the part of its site that serves France.

Carlos Ghosn’s dominance on the list is even more astounding when you consider that he was only elevated to the status of “LinkedIn Influencer” in early 2014, which welcomed into an exclusive group of the site’s 500 top users.

“The idea is to offer a panorama of the members who, by virtue of the quality of the published forums, succeed in provoking unprecedented conversations between the 12 million French members, of course, but also the 467 million members from all over the world,” LinkedIn French news editor Sandrine Chauvin wrote.

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We can only hope that Mr. Ghosn will continue to contribute his insight to LinkedIn next year as well. His outspoken articles on the site are always a good insight into the thought that goes into leading one of the world’s largest car companies.