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Carlos Ghosn Sees The Future at the New York Auto Show

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Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, was invited to speak at the opening of the New York International Auto Show this month. The executive used his time to discuss the future of the automotive industry, the big changes that he sees ahead, and how his company is changing for our world.

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First of all, Ghosn addressed the concern of automotive journalists and manufacturers alike that the car industry is facing a sharp downturn in the future, thanks to the emergence of “mobility services” like Car2Go, Uber, and the Scoot Network. He said that the auto industry needs to change their world view from dreading the change to anticipating the change and adapting their companies to meet the new challenges. Nissan seems to have modified its approach, because one of the focuses of the Nissan booth this year at the New York Auto Show is the Scoot Quad, a small concept car meant for ride share programs in big cities.

When Ghosn addressed the pending arrival of self-driving cars and tech companies like Apple and Google throwing their hat into the ring, he seemed fairly optimistic. He sees the interest of tech giants in cars as good for spurring innovation in the industry as a whole. On the subject of autonomous drive vehicles, Ghosn stressed the positive way they would change how drivers and passengers see cars, saying “The benefits of highly connected, Autonomous Drive cars are clear: They hold the promise of making driving far safer, less stressful, more efficient and more rewarding.”

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Ghosn reminded the assembled crowd that the last time he spoke to the New York Auto Show, in 2012, EVs were barely making themselves known on the market, and there was trepidation of how these vehicles could change the car world. The once-ridiculed vehicles are now leading the way in innovation, and he is confident that every change in the future can be faced with the same ferocity to make a positive impact.