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Carpool Deville to be the World’s Fastest Hot Tub

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Cadillac Carpool Deville 2

The Cadillac Carpool Deville

We’ve seen some lame attempts at converting a car into a pool, but this one, the Cadillac Carpool Deville, is brilliant—because it had real engineers behind the design wheel, of course. The engineers behind the Carpool Deville hope to take it to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on August 9th, to set the record for the world’s fastest hot tub.

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The trouble is, the engineers have already poured all of their hearts, souls, tears, sweat, and, to be blunt, cash into this project, but they still need more to get to Bonneville next month. In total, they’re trying to raise $10,000 (and maybe a few more tears), and they’ve broken down their expenses as follows:

  • $3,500: Week-long rentals of tow vehicles, trailer, and RV
  • $1,500: Fuel
  • $2,000: Required safety gear
  • $1,000: Food and incidentals
  • $1,000: Race fees and club memberships
  • $1,000: Auxiliary equipment, like water tanks and sun shades

At the time of writing this, the team has earned over $5,000 on their KickStarter page, with four days to go. They have to reach the $10,000 goal, however, to receive any of the money, which makes the matter a little more pressing.

Cadillac Carpool Deville

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If you need some convincing before donating, check out their informative—and funny—video about the Carpool Deville, soon to be the world’s fastest hot tub, below:

Carpool Deville: The World’s Fastest Hot Tub