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Cars in the Future

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Forget the fact that all of us adore cars. For a great majority of us, driving is an absolute necessity in every sense of the word. From getting to work to daily chores to road trips, cars have become an absolutely indispensable part of our lives.

But let’s look at a more intriguing thought—what exactly will cars be like in the future—say, in 2050? Forget about a couple of auto wreckers in Auckland, this is truly the real deal. Will there even be cars by then, or will we have moved on to a more advanced type of transport? Let’s take a look at some of the possible features that future cars could have:

  • Hands-free driving: It would not at all be farfetched to think that by 2050, our cars will be self-driven. Some even doubt that the steering wheel will be relevant by then. Ultimately, driving will be a whole lot safer since most of the accidents these days are mainly because of human error.
  • The peak of the digital age: Many seem to think that every single product with a digital print (mobiles, laptops etc) will be integrated into the systems of our cars by 2050. As far as digital giants like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are concerned, surely it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine that by that particular time, most of the car brands would be would with the digital companies to manufacture more sophisticated forms of transportation.
  • The presence of a complete mobility network: There are signs of this process already underway in the world today. In this scenario, the car will be a single part of a much larger picture.The everyday commuter has a multitude of choices to make due to the inevitability of digital services pairing up with car companies to provide a much more technologically sophisticated transport system overall. They could either hire a self-driven car or even hop into the car of a common friend who happens to be in their area at that time.

One thing is for sure: unlike mobiles or computers, a car in 2050 would still be recognizable as a car as they are quite unlikely to undergo a dramatic transformation. But this is the future we’re talking about so literally anything and everything is subject to change.